Jogos de Inventar (international premiere)

A special surprise for young children and their families

The Brazilian animated cartoon "Jogos de Inventar" (Inventing Games) has premiered in the United States in the Program "Kids in the Rotunda" of the Overture Center of the Arts and in the "Free Family Night" of the Madison Children's Museum, two traditional programs for kids in the United States. 

The international premier of the Brazilian cartoon "Jogos de Inventar" (Inventing Games), based on the award winning research, plays, books, and CDs of Viviane Juguero. "Jogos de Inventar" uses playful stories to engage children emotionally, cognitively, and ethically. The presentation will include a playful introduction by Viviane Juguero and Éder Rosa, who are part of the Brazilian Collective of Art "Bando de Brincantes" (Bunch of Jokers) that developed the original project of the cartoon. "Jogos de Inventar"  is produced by Bactéria Filmes, directed by Pedro Marques, and financed by BRDE and Ancine.

After the presentation, professionals were invited to a talk with Viviane Juguero. She is a professional artist and doctoral researcher at the Performing Arts Graduate Program at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and visiting scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (U.S.) through a Short-term Program of International Exchange sponsored by Higher Level Personnel Improvement Coordination (PSDE/CAPES) of the Brazilian Government.


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                       Overture Center of the Arts                        
Kids in the Rotunda
December 1st, 2018.
11:45 AM

Madison Children’s Museum
Free Family Night
December 5th, 2018.
7:00 PM


Translation consultants:  Jude Edmonds, Phillip Edmonds, and Jeannine Desautels

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